Yonah Kohn - President

Mr. Yonah Kohn is the President of KKR Holdings and Tryko Partners. His experience in real estate operations management encompasses over 15 years. Mr. Kohn has years of extraordinarily successful results with both commercial and residential properties for maximizing value through quick property turnarounds and achieving above average occupancy rates. Mr. Kohn led FNA Jersey Lien Services, LLC to it's current size of $80 million tax lien portfolio. Mr. Kohn was instrumental in the firm being awarded as the prime developer for the estimated $1.25 billion in total economic redevelopment for the City of Asbury Park, NJ. He is a speaker and commentator in the real estate trade.

Yitzchok Rokowsky - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Yitzchok Rokowsky is the CEO . His real estate career spans 20 years and covers financial management, investment analysis, acquisition, and financing of real estate investments for virtually all major types of properties. Mr. Rokowsky redeveloped over 2,500 residential apartments and was largely responsible for the company’s significant development projects with his involvement in nearly all major financial, property management, construction management and leasing decisions. Mr. Rokowsky has been involved in over $200 million of office, retail and residential property acquisitions and over $150 million of debt financing. He has lectured on real estate at various colleges and to numerous private groups. Mr. Rokowsky has partnered and advised companies such as Xspand, JP Morgan Chase, Bear Sterns and MD Sass in disposition of Tax Sale Certificates and REO.

Ike Schwab - Vice President

Mr. Ike Schwab is the Vice President and leads tax certificate acquisitions and due diligence. He has long-standing relationships with tax collectors, their staffs and market participants. Mr. Schwab began his career as a financial advisor with Milestone Investment Partners, LLC and subsequently developed a significant presence in New Jersey as one of the state’s most prominent buyers and advisors on the purchase of tax certificates. At First National Assets New Jersey, Mr. Schwab partnered with Mr Rokowsky and Mr. Kohn and became co-head of acquisition in New Jersey. Over his nearly 10 years in the certificate business Mr. Schwab has developed detailed policies and proprietary techniques for acquiring tax certificates and provides in-depth training in this complex skill in the primary and secondary marketplaces.