KKR Holdings, LLC has been working with municipalities throughout the United States and has established a working relationship that benefits both the community and the county. Whether you are an investor seeking an opportunity in the Tax Lien Industry; or a holder of tax liens seeking to dispose of those obligations, KKR Holdings, LLC dedicated staff is eager to help provide unequalled services related to the acquisition and management of real estate tax liens. We provide municipalities with the financial support to overcome budgetary shortfalls which arise when property owners are delinquent in their tax obligations. In our Secondary market we provide an exit and a way to turn tax liens to cash.

The collection of property taxes allows municipalities to pay for the continued development and upkeep of their schools, streets, police and fire protection. Without the ability to collect these funds, the community suffers. To assist in this process, the counties will offer delinquent taxes as a lien against the property to outside investors to allow the county to continue running efficiently, the property owner extra time to pay their taxes and the investor a return on their funds.

When looking to exit your investment, rest assured that you are dealing with one of the oldest and largest tax lien buyers in the secondary marketplace.

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